Time to get serious!

Serious Mode Activated 200 Ok – that’s it!

This blog has been too quiet for too long. It’s now time to get serious about this writing thing. More to the point – it’s time to get serious about the promoting and marketing of ‘Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee.

Trouble is – where to start?

True, I’m awaiting some promised coverage from two excellent, dog-related websites, one in UK and one in USA. I also have the book-reading / signing session arranged for Balloch Library on Saturday 28th November.

There is also a possible game-changer in the offing. However, I’d rather not say anything about that at the moment, both from a confidentiality point of view, but more so because I don’t honestly think it will happen. I reckon I’ve probably outreached my potential and aspirations with that one. The good news, I suppose, is that it’s been several weeks since I submitted the book, and I still haven’t been issued with a rejection notice.

But maybe that’s the issue. Us folks from West of Scotland are not inherently the most positive in our outlooks. Neither are we very good at promoting ourselves. We tend to regard that a little like bragging. And that’s definitely frowned upon.

Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee - final - thumbnail

‘Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee‘ was never intended for publication, and perhaps I’ve been a bit too relaxed in my attitude to the book in general. When  it appeared on the Amazon bookshelf, I had no real expectations of sales or acceptance. Had it sold to even just the owners of the pets mentioned in the book, I’d have been happy.

However, although there are only eleven reviews on Amazon as I write, they are all ‘five star.’ Hardly a day goes by without my receiving a personal text or Facebook mention from others who have enjoyed the book, but didn’t want to leave a formal review. What a lovely thing to do – take time out to send a positive comment when there is no real incentive to do so.

Copies of the book continue sell – not in any spectacular numbers, but on a steady, almost daily basis, be that in paperback, Kindle or Kindle Unlimited form. Sales have long surpassed the number of friends and relatives I have (I know, sad, isn’t it?)  which means word is somehow filtering out there.

And that’s without any real, conscious effort to date.

So, buoyed by the positive feedback received, I’m going to get proactive, especially regards this blog. There will be more regular updates and I’ll feature some articles, not necessarily restricted to writing-related subjects, that I’ve found interesting or amusing.

I hope also to sort out a mailing list, so I can spread any relevant news on posts or updates more speedily.

There you go! I’ve made the move ….. more ‘proper,’ news tomorrow.

If anyone’s interested.

(Damn that West of Scotland insecurity!!)





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