Friday The 13th!

Leading Petcare

Friday 13thWhat a load of b******s! 

Or so I thought ……..

The day started well. I was up early, bought my regular Friday morning treat of bacon baguette and coffee from the petrol station and picked up Ozzy, Sam & Gem at 7:45am.

We drove up to Glennifer Braes as usual, and looking to the west, could see that the ‘terribly British’ Storm Abigail (see earlier post) was politely removing her shoes before entering the valley below and heading towards us.

(Clockwise from top) Ozzy, Sam & Gem (Clockwise from top) Ozzy, Sam & Gem

The gentle Gem (yes, she’s a Staffie) could sense its approach. She’s never enjoyed the cold or the rain, and even less so now that she’s getting on in years.

“Do we have to go out?” she pleaded. Well, sort of. She had that plaintive expression on her face – the one that makes you feel so guilty about going against her apparent wishes.

“Hey! What…

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