Book Snippets

Book Snippets

Book Snippets is a new website, geared to give an audio clip of around one thousand words / five minutes duration from new books written by ‘indie’ authors.

Although currently functioning, the site is not due to be completely finished until sometime in the New Year, when in addition to housing the various audio clips, each featured author will have their own ‘bio page.’

Each individual clip will be available on You Tube, and at regular intervals, will be grouped with possibly up to three other clips and issued as a podcast.

Reading a book review on, (eg) Amazon is certainly a pretty good indicator as to whether a book will be to the reader’s liking. However, even if the website affords a ‘Look Inside’ feature, it may just allow a brief glance at the opening pages.

Book Snippets provides a win / win situation for all concerned: those interested to read new releases from new writers will have access to a piece that will give a definite flavour of the book, while aspiring authors will have an additional and exciting means of promoting their books.

Anyone wishing to find out more, from either a reader or author point of view should contact Richard Vobes via the online form available on the site itself.

Meantime – here’s an illustration of what Book Snippets has to offer. Let’s take a relatively recent release like ……. hmmm – what about this one?


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