HELP! logo -500I have a problem. Actually, I have a few, but now is neither the time nor the place.

Instead, let’s talk about my little quandary. (Behave.)

I am looking to run a book promotion in United States, hoping that this will generate some interest in ‘Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee.’ The trouble is, without a good few positive reviews on none of the ‘big hitter’ promo sites will accept the book. Not even though I can point them to the  site which presently has sixteen excellent, five-star comments.

No sales in USA = No reviews. No reviews in USA = No sales.

Weirdly, the one review (also five-star) that I’ve received from the States, replicated itself on the UK site. But for some reason, there doesn’t seem to be a reciprocal arrangement.

As I can’t determine who has posted on the UK site, I’m asking anyone who reads this post, and has previously posted a review there, if they would mind copying their comment to the site, and adding some reference to the comment first being added to the UK site on ‘xyz date.’

It really is time for me to move on from ‘Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee,’ and get writing those promised ‘Soul Survivor,’ and ‘The Rambling Man,’ efforts. I can’t wait forever to crack the US market, but with your help ……

As a wee ‘thank you,’ here’s a funny video of cats stealing dogs’ beds.


6 thoughts on “HELP!

  1. I just downloaded your book to my Kindle. I absolutely understand how hard it is to get reviews! I have yet to get one in the UK myself, so if you ever feel like leaving one, I surely won’t complain – lol! I look forward to reading Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee!

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  2. I’ve got the same problem, with having five out of 5-star reviews on the UK site and two on the US site. This doesn’t help me at all, as most of the promoters I wanted to use for my forthcoming Kindle Countdown Deal require writers to have a certain number of 5-star review on the US site before they’ll agree to promote their books. It seems really hard for UK writers to break into the US market. One of my traditionally published friends says this is the case, when he’s quite well known.
    Anyway, on the good side of things, I have finished reading your book and will be giving it 5 stars as I really enjoyed it. And I will try to write a review in the next couple of days, which will be duly posted on the US site as well. But one thing you need to note is that because I didn’t buy the book from Amazon, it will say it has been posted by an “Amazon Customer” rather than by a “Verified Purchaser”.

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    • Thank you Sarah – I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      All comments on (USA) are much appreciated. I’ve had a good few other writers grumble along with me on various other forums. Just doesn’t seem right. But … hey ho.


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      • Have reviewed it on Goodreads and shared the review on my blog, plus posting it on Amazon UK & US (might not show up yet, as they like to okay reviews). Hope it’s okay. I left an ‘s’ off animals in one place (slapped wrist for that, considering I’m a trained proof reader). Have recommended the book to other Goodreads people that I know like animals. Also, the guy that owns our local pet shop should be ordering the Kindle version. Have you tried interesting your local pet shops in stocking the book? I’m going to try that when I bring out my next novel, as it’s all about dogs.

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