In the absence of anything original to post, here’s a pretty weird but funny little short story from a geezer in the CLOG Group on Goodreads. It does contain a couple of wee swearies, but only to enhance the comedic effect.
Nice one, Andychap. 🙂
(I really must get the finger out and get back to this writing lark.)

Andrew Chapman @AndyChapWriter


Gallot knew things. Ask him and he’ll confirm it.

“Gallot,” you’ll say, “I hear you know things.”

“What do you know?” he’ll likely reply.

Gallot was a simple man, in my opinion. He wore this weird coat that had too many pockets and only one sleeve. I think he found it in a charity shop. He told me once he traded his shoes for a pair of shoes. He never elaborated. The shoes he was wearing had holes in them.

The last time I saw him he was telling me about his job. I couldn’t believe he had a job. Turns out he’s a professional fool. He doesn’t get paid and he has no business card. What he does have is a deep frown line and a pet cat that looks a lot like a dog. If you were to ask me I would say it was a cocker spaniel…

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