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Slim Chance.

The things you find when clearing out your office! (This was written many, many years ago for my wife’s Slimming Club, when she was expecting our second son. It’s a humorous but hopefully inspirational tale produced principally for women seeking … Continue reading

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Hedgehog safari.

What author has not suffered from distraction? Normally, in my case, it’s the temptations of Facebook and baseball streams that hinder my progress with  ‘Evhen & Uurth’ (w/t.) But last night, for the first time in ages, a wee hedgehog … Continue reading

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ODE TO A SHOOGLY TOOTH. We’ve been as one for fifty years, Through joyous times and painful tears. Crushing Hob Nobs, chewing cakes, Your imminent demise is hard to take. But I’ve not chewed to the right for a while … Continue reading

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Fall in New England (versus) Autumn in West of Scotland

 I’ve never witnessed it first hand, but I believe New England is absolutely glorious in the Fall. It would certainly be hard to argue otherwise, given the images we here in Scotland see via television movies and the like. Glasgow … Continue reading

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