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Originally posted on Andrew Chapman @AndyChapWriter:
Gallot knew things. Ask him and he’ll confirm it. “Gallot,” you’ll say, “I hear you know things.” “What do you know?” he’ll likely reply. Gallot was a simple man, in my opinion. He wore…

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Andrew Chapman is a writer. A funny writer. He writes funny stories, that is.  But that’s enough about him. This is all about me. Here’s the interview piece with myself that he kindly ran on his excellent blog. I will … Continue reading

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Things You See Whilst Dog-walking: #1

Originally posted on Leading Petcare:
Sumo wrestling bulls in rural Renfrewshire, Scotland: (The black bull won, when after about ten minutes of shove and counter-shove, it pushed the white one into the hedge. The youngsters gathered around the victor…

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A.B.R. (Anti Bullying Rap.)

(This  was written way back around 2003 / 2004 for the daughter of my boss at the time. It has been hidden amongst a pile of other unpublished nonsense at the back of my wardrobe ever since. Maybe it was … Continue reading

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Fall in New England (versus) Autumn in West of Scotland.

 I’ve never witnessed it first hand, but I believe New England is absolutely glorious in the Fall. It would certainly be hard to argue otherwise, given the images we here in Scotland see via television movies and the like. Glasgow … Continue reading

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19 Self-Editing Tips For Your Writing

Re-posted from the ‘A Writer’s Path‘ blog – even though it does probably mean a complete redraft of ‘Evhen & Uurth.’ by Jacqui Murray Now that I’ve published my first novel, To Hunt a Sub, I can say from experience that … Continue reading

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THE WORST MAN ON MARS – unleashed at last.

You can buy from here ….. or here.

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