The Beano Annual 2019.

Always a highlight of my year!

I know the jokes are rubbish and predictable. I know they are simple and childish, even. I know this because I’m sixty years old.

But I love it!

I was an ‘occasional’ Beano reader back in the day. Well, maybe ‘frequent’but nor ‘regular,’ favouring Beezer and Hotspur as well as TV21.

But The Beano has always been there in my life, and every Christmas morning, even now, I waken like a, err, kid at Christmas excited to see if Santa has brought a copy of the latest annual. (Just in case he didn’t get the hint, I generally buy a copy myself and pop it under the tree.)

Anyway – this year’s edition doesn’t disappoint. The Time Machine theme is genius, giving scope to meet some characters from the past. As is the the inside cover, where there are 255 Beano characters from past and present for the reader to identify.

And of course … the smell. Is there a more comforting smell in the universe than that emitted from the flicking of pages of a Beano annual on Christmas morning?

I rest my case, m’lud.