Bad Business: A Titanic Tale

Bad Business 2005 out of 5 stars A simply brilliant read.

By Cee Tee Jackson on 18 Jan. 2017

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I had the privilege of reading much of ‘Bad Business: A Titanic Tale,’ by Andy Paine, while it was still a WIP. I then finished it a while after publication – but forgot to place a review.

I don’t know how many copies of ‘Bad Business’ have been shifted, but whatever the number, it’s not enough. This book deserves to read by the masses.I believe it to be the author’s first full novel, and it’s a blinder!

The humour is dry and witty. The characters are painted very vividly and their personas are easily identifiable. Unlike some books, it does not take long to get ‘into’ Bad Business.

This is a must for Terry Pratchett fans. It’s not a take-off by any means, but it’s that kind of almost understated humour that Mr P exhibited.

I’d thoroughly recommend this one if you are into humorous fantasy type adventures.