Noah Padgett and The Dog-People

noah-pagett-and-the-dog-people5 out of 5 stars Canis humorous.

By Cee Tee Jackson on 9 Oct. 2016

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I bought this book as having read Sarah Potter’s earlier novel, ‘Desiccation,’ I enjoyed the author’s quirky and dark style of writing.

Noah Padgett and the Dog-People‘ still reflects much of that style, even though the principal target audience is probably a bit younger, this being written more as a YA crossover. There are still ‘darker’ moments, as well as some very humorous lines that will appeal to adults and YA both. (‘There’s something very unnerving about a criminally insane spaniel dressed like an overgrown primary school girl.’)

It’s very apparent that Sarah Potter knows her dogs – I work with dogs on a daily basis and she has got the characters’ names and traits absolutely spot on for the breeds they represent in our world. The interaction between those of different breeds is just what you’d (or at least, I) imagine.There’s something intrinsically funny about giving dogs / animals in general, human qualities.

I say ‘our’ world, for of course this tale (no pun intended) takes place in another dimension, but one that retains much of Earth’s characteristics, which allows the author to mix and match fantasy with reality as she pleases, but without losing the story’s focus, or unnecessarily confusing the

Yeah – if you’re looking for a light, fun read with a bit of adventure, then I’d most definitely recommend this one.