The Contest.

The Contest by Sue Harris.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You know what? You’ve got four, big, fat …….. stars.
ByCee Tee Jacksonon 6 June 2015

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I had read some of this while it was still a ‘work in progress,’ so when I saw the finished book available on Amazon, I thought I’d go get.

‘The Contest,’ is not something I would normally read. It’s probably more aimed at the Young Adult market. But that said, I’m definitely not ‘young’ and my wife would likely debate the ‘adult’ assertion, and yet I really enjoyed this story.

It’s an ‘easy’ (I mean that in a good sense) and light read but still quite engrossing. I found myself reading in larger chunks than I intended, simply because it drew me in and I was keen to see where the next chapter would lead.

The tone / theme of the book reminds me a little of the kind of family-type film screened in daytime slots on TV. There’s definitely a market for this story.

Yes – very enjoyable indeed ……. and not a werewolf in sight. Not as such.