The Worst Man On Mars

THE WORST MAN ON MARS5 out of 5 stars White rose, red planet.
on 14 October 2016
Format: Paperback

No question, ‘The Worst Man On Mars,’ is one of the most entertaining books I’ve read in a long time.

Initially, I thought there was distinct similarity to the Red Dwarf television programme … which wouldn’t have been a bad thing as such, what with me being a huge fan since series one, back in the day.

But as the pages and chapters turned, it became obvious that subtly referencing various sci-fi TV programmes and celebrities from all ages was the effective modus operandi of the writers, Mark Roman & Corben Duke It’s very clever, and funny writing.

The character depiction is excellent. Dugdale, from Huddersfield is so very stereotypically ‘Yorkshire,’ (I was a little disappointed however, that he is a supporter of Leeds United, and not his local club!)

It’s one thing, though, being able to evoke colourful images in the readers’ minds of the human characters, but to also do so with regard to numerous robots is another. Assigning them all individual and inherently human characteristics is like doing so with animals – and ultimately the results are hilarious.

The humor itself is dry, constant and consistent. It’s right up my street. And it’s a ‘natural’ humor, not forced or shoe-horned. It seems that once the characters were created, the dialogue followed spontaneously.

Yeah – this may appear to be a ‘five star’ review, but I’ve surreptitiously placed another one on top of last one that appears above – thereby making this the first 6-star, 5-review on Amazon.