The Supermarket Ogre.

asda-basket“You can’t have these,” said the ogre.

“How no’?” says I.

“Coz you’ve already got two packs of a similar product” it growled.

I don’t mind admitting I was scared. I wasn’t about to take it on.

“But we’re dying with flu and chest infections back in the parish,” I  whimpered.

“Ye cannae huv it!” The ogre glared at me, its eyes flashing red with barely controllable rage .”The computer won’t allow it!” ogress

I motioned tentatively forward. But my movement immediately provoked a reflex reaction. With  wrinkly and crooked hands the crazed ogre grasped the packet of eight Anadin tablets and clutched it close to its heaving breast.

There would be only one winner in this confrontation.

I bowed slightly and backed off the bridge.

I bade the ogre a most excellent weekend.

And breathed on it.