INCA PROJECT - bannerPraise by way of book reviews is one thing ….. but compliments from one’s peers is even better. (I use the word ‘peers’ in a very presumptuous context.)

The latest edition of The Inca Project’s newsletter carries the following paragraph in the ‘news’ section.

This, Wednesday 9th December, being the second consecutive day with no book sales (after thirty last week) I needed some cheering up. This’ll do just nicely, thanks.

‘Damp Dogs and Rabbit Wee: Cee Tee Jackson is getting lots of exposure for this superb revelation of the pet care business. He has used public libraries and achieved ‘Book of the Week’ status in several, being invited in for book signings etc. He also advertised in dog magazines and that has resulted in a good number of sales. Cee Tee has what it takes and has spotted a gap in this market to make a difference. He is the ideal Inca member, doing something that bit different from the norm, and totally deserving the rewards. Cee Tee served his time in a bank, so that has been a good grounding for doing something wholly diverse! You can read his author interview on the Inca site.’